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Capturing a sound that manages to mix pop sensibility with a bone-crushing groove, the five-man band Crushed should garner heaps of crossover interest with their just-released EP, Shadows and Substance.  Hailing from the arid locale of Phoenix, Arizona, the group which consists of singer/guitarist Mark Lauer, guitarist Mike Halland, guitarist/keyboardist Harry McCaleb, bassist Paul Surra, and drummer Jeff Garten, they caught the attention one of rock’s most renowned producers, Mike Clink, the man behind none other than Guns N’ Roses Appetite for Destruction, and other rock classics.  “Crushed is a blend of hard rock with melodic overtones, similar to a wolf in sheep's clothing,” explains Clink.  “On their most recent effort, Crushed exhibits how they have grown as a band and as accomplished songwriters.  Shadows and Substance is a reveling insight into the exciting future of Crushed”.  This is the second Crushed recording released under Clink’s label, No Relief.

The EP is the culmination of songs the band recorded with Mike Clink in Hollywood California and additional tracks recorded by up and coming AZ producer, Larry Love.  “This is some of the bands best work,” explains Halland, “you can really hear the passion in Mark Lauer’s voice and the great vibe we captured in the studio with both Mike and Larry.”

The six-track EP effectively captures “the Crushed sound” and the band comes out swinging on the groove-heavy, Distance Between Us.  Next is the first single and title track, Shadows and Substance, a powerful and moving track with a huge chorus.  Returning to the Crushed groove with Sky is Curved, another track with a chorus reminiscent of Robert Plant.  The next track is a cover of the song Reptile by The Church, a great song that Crushed managed to make all their own.  Next is the Mike Clink produced track Slowly Unwinding, recorded at Mike’s studio, Sound Instinct in North Hollywood.  This is probably the most unique track from the six song EP.  The verse is mesmerizing and bluesy with a catchy chorus and the unmistakable Crushed groove.  The final track is a Clink produced cover of Love My Way by the Psychedelic Furs.  A huge hit in its day, Crushed has managed to add a unique touch to the song and with its release will undoubtedly attract new fans.

Having built a solid following in the Arizona region, the group is itching to bring the songs from ‘Shadows and Substance’ to life on concert stages throughout the world.  Halland admits  “We have had our share of ups and downs but we are very excited about bringing this record to the people.”

CRUSHED ‘Shadows and Substance’ Track Listing:

  1.  The Distance Between Us
  2.  Shadows and Substance
  3.  Sky is Curved
  4.  Reptile
  5.  Slowly Unwinding
  6.  Love My Way

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Hit Parader Pick Hit -- Crushed

It's rare - make that very rare - when a Hit Parader feature about a new band begins by discussing the unit's producer rather than the group members themselves. But when the producer in question is none other than Mike Clink, the man who helmed Guns N'Roses' legendary Appetite For Destruction, such a break from "tradition" is not only's expected! You see, when the bank Crushed began work on their debut disc, My Machine, this Arizona-based goth-metal unit could only think of one man they'd like to have work with them on their initial efort; you guessed it, the aforementioned Mr. Clink....
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Crushed on Sirius

Please tell everyone you know to email or callOctane on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 20 & request Ether by Crushed. Here is the email
link to the home page. Click on request a song & punch in the info.

You can also phone them @ 1-877-33-SIRIUS, press 20 and request Ether. They have been playing the track on a "test" basis. If the listeners
want it it will stay. Keep punding em with requests! Thank you all very much for the support!!

Please pass this along to anyone & everyone you can....


Phoenix New Times writer Serene Dominic reviews Crushed, My Machine...

That Crushed has a long history in the Phoenix music scene and still sounds like a band just getting started excitement-wise is a rare and noble thing. From the earliest days when you could’ve seen them at the Mason Jar sandwiched between three or four knuckle-dragging metal bands, they’ve always stood out, as if they knew of the existence of records outside of their genre and wanted you to know it too. To that effect, My Machine has its flashes of metal, goth and industrial sheen, and they programmed three of the heaviest numbers before switching aesthetic gears on “Ether”. If you can imagine metal playing footsy with Massive Attack, well, you probably don’t need to buy this or any CD, you imaginative listener you. But you can’t and that’s why you need to grab a-hold of this thing and hear for yourselves how Crushed can suggest Guided By Voices’ effortless brand of indie stadium rock on “Crash Coping” and acoustic Cocteau Twins on “Everything’s Gone”, always moving up and down dynamically and never feeling formulaic, but rather like a band that knows what it’s doing passing you its calling card. The best thing to recommend Crushed is the peerless vocalizing of Mark Lauer, who to his credit never over-sings anything like most alt-rock metalists working today. He gets in those little bursts of angst but actually spends most of his time in a comfortable mid-range. Really! My Machine is hard in places and yet easy on the ears. Test drive it today.

--- Serene Dominic

Crushed :: My Machine
No Relief Records
CD Review
By Allyson B. Crawford

Review: An interesting combination of Goth and Metal, newcomers Crushed are surprisingly Melodic in their approach to Thrash-worthy music, as evidenced in their excellent debut effort My Machine.

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Local spotlight:
Valley rockers Crushed, but it worked out fine

By Chris Hansen Orf, Get Out

In most cases when a band’s label deal collapses and the money for recording dries up, the band faces a long road ahead trying to find a new label and funding for a record.

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Interview with Mike Halland of Crushed
By John Haseltine

When sitting here trying to find a few words to start out this interview, I wasn’t really sure I could really put down anything different than what starts out their own bio on their MySpace pace. So I’m using it here. One thing I can say that I did not see on that space is that these guys seem to have what it takes to rock the house. And they do just that throughout their latest release. So read up on them a little here before heading over to their website.

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Crushed My Machine
2007 No Relief/Throttle ASCAP
Anna Gustafson

When I first read that Crushed "Manages to merge Goth with Metal" I was a little worried about what that would mean for a good ol' rock 'n' roll lover like me. Would I stand a chance of liking this? I was pleasantly surprised.

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MSJ "My Machine" Review
By Greg Olma

My Machine is one of those albums that grows on you without you realizing it. It is almost insidious the way these songs infect you. I’ll admit, the first time around I didn’t think much of this record but after about 3 or 4 spins, I started to hum along.

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CRUSHED - My Machine
No Relief
Metal Express Rating: 8.5/10
Release Date: 2006-12-05

An interesting combination of Goth and Metal, newcomers Crushed are surprisingly Melodic in their approach to Thrash-worthy music, as evidenced in their excellent debut effort My Machine.

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Blast Magazine reviews Crushed - 'My Machine'

'My Machine' is for essential fans of modern heavy metal. If you fall within this category then you should really check this band out.

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Crushed Interview
From Chad Bowar,
Your Guide to Heavy Metal.
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A Conversation With Vocalist/Guitarist Mark
LauerCrushed is a band from Phoenix, Arizona who recently released their debut CD My Machine. It was produced by Mike Clink (Guns ‘N Roses, Megadeth, UFO). The band has a sound that’s crunchy, but also very melodic with a lot of hooks. Vocalist/guitarist Mark Lauer gives us the scoop on this up and coming band.

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Crushed: Live In Concert
By Mary Ellen Gustafson
Photos by Melody Hudson

Popular Phoenix rock club Joe's Grotto recently played host to the CD release party for the new album My Machine by long time local favorites, Crushed.

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Tapping Into The Machine: Crushed Guitarist Mike Halland
Posted on Sunday, May 13 @ 06:28:00 PDT by roadrash

The latest album by Crushed, My Machine, taps into numerous influences from heavy metal to prog-rock

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Look For Crushed on the cover of the lastest GR Magazine

Music Review: Crushed - My Machine
Written by Gray Hunter

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Featured interveiw with Mike Halland

Crushed are a hard rocking band based out of Phoenix, Arizona. These guys lured legendary producer Mike Clink (Guns n’ Roses, Motley Crue) into the studio to produce their debut effort My Machine. Recently we caught up with guitarist Mike Halland and talked about their album, his dream tour, their contemporaries and the heat in the desert.

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'My Machine'
a fine first effort from Crushed

This week's offering comes from an old friend who has his own PR and consulting firm in Florida. Chip sent this 14-song debut CD titled "My Machine" by an Arizona-based quintet called Crushed (made up of singer-guitarist Mike Lauer, guitarist Mike Halland, guitarist/keyboardist Harry McCaleb, bassist Mike Brown, and drummer Jeff Garten).

What grabbed my attention about the band is that they've successfully melded goth with metal and kept it surprisingly melodic. You have the concussive bass-drum pulse and crushing guitar work supporting strong, powerful lead vocals that only occasionally morph into that growl/scream mode that passes for singing in metal bands nowadays.

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“Crushing guitar tones, lush hypnotic vocals and a rhythm section that kicks you’re A#S!!!”
Billy Siegle, Fender Artist Relations Manager
Artist Relations Manager
Fender Musical Instruments Corporation
Proud to be a Fender band member since 1997

Local guitarists in Fender artist jam
The Republic

SCOTTSDALE - The Fender Artist Jam Session will bring together some of the Valley's most successful musicians, all of whom have joined the lineup at this year's Tempe Music Festival.

Members of Tempe's own Gin Blossoms, Mesa's own Authority Zero and Phoenix's own Crushed will play some of their favorite songs and discuss what it means to have Scottsdale-based Fender right in their own backyards.

The jam session will be at 3 p.m. today at Fender Musical Instruments Corp., 8860 E. Chaparral Road, Suite 100.

Crushed: My Machine
Genre: Orchestral Rock/ Symphonic Metal
Label: No Relief Records

The members of Crushed brought in some major metal muscle with producer Mike Clink (Guns 'N' Roses, Metallica, Megadeth, Motley Crue) and mixer Fred Archibald (Avenged Sevenfold, Deftones).

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Specializing in a sound that manages to merge goth with metal - while not sacrificing melody – the five-man band Crushed should easily garner heaps of crossover interest with their just-released debut, ‘My Machine.’ Hailing from the arid locale of Phoenix, Arizona, the group (which consists of singer/guitarist Mark Lauer, guitarist Mike Halland, guitarist/keyboardist Harry McCaleb, bassist Mike Brown, and drummer Jeff Garten) quickly impressed one of rock’s most renowned producers, Mike Clink, who was the main man behind none other than Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Appetite for Destruction,’ among other rock classics. “Crushed is a blend of hard rock with a melodic overtone, similar to a wolf in sheep's clothing,” explains Clink. “The band gave 110% to make sure this was the best Crushed album they could deliver.”

Clink’s expertise quickly rubbed off on Crushed, resulting in one helluva debut. “Mike only works on one level and that is top notch professionalism,” adds Lauer. “I have to say I really learned a lot about myself and recording by working with Mike Clink. He encouraged me to dig deeper and to bring out my best.” Garten also voices Lauer’s sentiment. “[Clink] was able to dig in, and bring out the performances that were inside of us. His astute selections of the people he works with have made ‘My Machine’ an album I'm extremely proud to call my own.”

The fourteen-track album perfectly captures ‘the Crushed sound,’ which touches upon riff rockers (“Nocturnal”), melodicism (“Crash Coping”), and tracks that touch upon both approaches (“Hovering”). Having built a solid following in the Arizona region, the group is itching to bring the songs from ‘My Machine’ to life on concert stages throughout the world, admits Halland. “We throw in new songs to test them as well, so fans can hear songs live they would have not heard otherwise. Crushed is a very energetic live band - the band looks at each show as an event

Crushed CD "My Machine" available now!!

Below are some comments from top Industry professionals. Get your copy today!

"downloaded your record from itunes, awesome really."
Ed Shapiro, music attorney, NY, N

"Further Down is a hit song if I have ever heard one."
Jonathan L, "Lopsided World Of L." Radio show on 98 KUPD FM 97.9 Phoenix

"Guys, you have a great record and it sounds amazing."
Mike Clink- Producer, Crushed, Guns N' Roses, Metallica, Motley Crue

"This is some of the best work I have done, I hope you are as proud of it as I am."
Fred Archambault, Producer/ Engineer, Avenged Sevenfold, Deftones, Vanna
Regarding the mixing of Crushed "My Machine

NightLife! Magazine Profile

Guitarist Mike Halland reflects on his
experience working with music producers
Mike Clink and Fred Archambault…

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Check it out, CRUSHED was chosen Best Phoenix Rock Band by Arizona Republic.
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